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How your money is spent

The donations to BIOPAT are essentially channelled to two areas, both non-profit-making:

1. They are used to support the staff of research institutes that identify new animal and plant species (taxonomical research).

In order to be able to classify and uniquely name a newly discovered animal or plant species, researchers need first to provide a detailed description of the species concerned. But with public funding for research becoming ever more scarce, many scientists are finding it impossible to carry out this kind of description-work, even though there are new species ready. A scientifically sound species-description takes a lot of time, and thus ultimately a lot of money too. In addition, there are the considerable costs of transport and equipment for expeditions and study-trips to tropical countries.

In line with the idea that you can only protect what you know, BIOPAT invests approximately half the funds donated to it into precisely this area: they help provide the researchers who make new species available for donor-naming with the means to pursue their work.

2. They are used to support schemes for researching and preserving biodiversity in the tropical countries from which newly discovered species originate.

These countries often lack the resources to organize even the most basic scientific excursions into the habitats that exist 'in their own backyard'. Supporting local scientists and nature-conservation organizations means, not least, increasing awareness for species-protection in the actual countries concerned. About half the monies donated are therefore channelled into projects that are as varied as the local conditions require. A particular species of orchid, for example, may only occur in a place that is under threat from deforestation. With the help of BIOPAT money, biologists on the ground can establish whether the survival of the species can be assured by 'relocating' the plants.

By preference, BIOPAT works with local research-institutes and non-governmental organizations that operate in line with BIOPAT's objectives and whose reputability is assured. Which scheme your donation ultimately goes to is decided by an Awards Committee consisting of the BIOPAT Executive and other specialist advisers. Via a brief letter of application, research institutes and nature-conservation organizations in tropical countries can seek funding from BIOPAT for appropriate conservation schemes and research projects.

A small proportion (max. 5 per cent) of the donations made to BIOPAT are spent on public-relations work to highlight the importance of biodiversity, and on keeping you abreast of the association's work, via this BIOPAT website.

REMEMBER: Attribution of a species name is a unique, enduring form of dedication, and is a great honour for the person giving the name. The sum donated should reflect this. We therefore request a minimum donation of Euro 2,600 from private individuals and larger sums from businesses and large-scale sponsors. Donors are, of course, provided with the relevant receipt for tax-deduction purposes. Smaller donations in support of BIOPAT's aims are naturally also welcome-though in these cases there is no opportunity to name a species. Tax-deduction receipts are also provided for these donations.

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