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Nr.: 269

  • Gattung / Genus:
  • Neuer Art-Name / New species name:
  • Herkunft / Origin:
    Dominikanische Republik / Dominican Republic
  • Beschreiber / Describer:
    Dave Penney

Amber spider

This is a new fossil spider species of the extant genus Craspedisia (Araneae: Theridiidae) in Miocene amber from the Dominican Republic. X-ray computed tomography revealed important diagnostic features that were impossible to view by traditional microscopy. This is the first described fossil species from this genus and has its closest relative among the extant Hispaniolan fauna. The high degree of similarity of the fossil fauna to current on-island lineages suggests a great antiquity of this Neotropical ecosystem. Assuming it, and similar systems, have remained little changed for the majority of the last 16 million years (and possibly much longer), the rapid rate with which humankind is currently depleting tropical forest cover around the world is cause for immediate and great concern.

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